VIntage Velvet


Fiercely Sophisticated

Soft and smooth, rounded and warm

Just like velvet

The ripe juice from a perfect harvest of vineyard grapes gives our vodka its distinctive taste and puts the “vintage” in our Vintage Velvet Vodka. Twice distilled then finished with the grape juice, giving a rich smooth consistency, still keeping characteristics of the vodka and increasing a richer fluid movement turning our vodka into liquid velvet. All the ingredients are harvested locally, granulated and dissolved into the finest East Anglian spring water. Twice distilled using traditional craft methods, leaving only the heart of hearts to create our premium vodka.

Local to Cambridge, the grapes come from one of the oldest, award-winning Vineyards in England. Finishing our velvet vodka with grapes picked directly from the vineyard adds a delicate swirl of luxury and character impossible to find elsewhere. Using only the highest quality grapes, harvested at the perfect time of year, the juice is ripe and indulgent, heightening taste and aroma, and making our vodka stand out in a league of its own.

The British Beast

Throughout London and still seen today, old lion door knockers have been used as a symbol of Great Britain for centuries and form a connection between home and visitor, between guest and host. As a truly British brand bringing you the best of British Vodka, the lion knocker was a natural symbol to identify with.

“Slight notes of buttery caramel coming through the initial sweetness, which deepens into a lasting savoury smooth finish, with a hint of pepper spice. Balanced aromatics on the nose of faint white fruit. Full body.”

Alf del Portillo

Brand Ambassador

Alf del Portillo, World Class bartender of the year 2015 in India and one of the best bartenders in the world in 2015. With extensive international experience has managed bars in Ireland, Spain, UK, India and Puerto Rico.

Besides, he helped his venue in Bangalore, India, get the prize of the ‘best stand alone bar’ in India in consecutive years: 2014 & 2015, at the Delhi Cocktail Week.
One of his creations, ‘Mumbaiced Tea’ had been named one of the best new drinks on 2015.

Not only is he experienced in crafting drinks, technique and history of drinks but also provides insight on how businesses are run in different countries, which gives ideas and other perspectives which you never had thought before.

He has developed lots of menus for different companies in several countries and brands like Diageo, Pernod-Ricard and Amrut distilleries, and is the go to go guy for people in the drinks industry.

Now he helps a product in what he trust, Vintage Velvet Vodka.

The Perfect Serve

By Alf del Portillo

Velvet Martini

60 ml Vintage Velvet Vodka
6 drops Merlot
10 ml Lillet Blanc
*Stir and strain
*martini glass
*blossom garnish

Velvet Club Special

60 ml Vintage Velvet Vodka
3 Raspberries
10 ml Sugar Syrup (2:1)
5 ml Sherry Vinegar
30 ml Egg Whites
*Muddle the fruit then add the rest
*dry shake
*shake again with ice
*strain into Coupe glass
*raspberry on prick

Velvet Old Fashioned

60 ml Vintage Velvet Vodka
10 ml Creme de banane
5 ml Port Wine
3 dash Angostura Bitters
*Add all ingredients into glass on the rocks and stir
*banana chip garnish

Velvet & Tonic

50 ml Vintage Velvet Vodka
5 ml Creme de violette
Top Fentimans Herbal Tonic
*serve in balloon glass
*lots of ice
*lavender sprig

About the founder

Gabriella Thorpe

As English wine continues to be an exciting and fast-growing market, founder of Vintage Velvet, Gabriella Thorpe, decided to expand this local love to English spirits, and in turn created Vintage Velvet in 2015. Having gained significant knowledge of the drinks industry by previously working for a high demographic wine journal, Gabriella saw the opportunity and wanted to create an iconic British brand and a new generation of infusion vodka for the premium market.


Twisted Twinkle

50ml VV
20ml Elderflower Cordial
Shake and strain
top with English Sparkling
flower garnish.


Vintage Rose Martini

10ml Vermouth
10ml Rose syrup
Shake and strain into chilled Martini glass
Pink flower garnish


Violet Vendetta

lemon juice
25ml Violet liqueur
simple syrup
egg white
Shake and Strain into a goblet
Absinthe spray to finish


Vintage Spring

40ml Vintage Velvet
30ml Cucumber Puree
12.5ml Elderflower Cordial
12.5ml Lime Juice
2 Sprigs of Dill
*shake and strain
*Champagne Saucer
*Garnish with a sprig of dill attached with a mini peg


Cambridge Fizz

37.5ml VV
15ml White Port
75ml Apple juice
3 dashes Angostura Orange bitters
*garnish w. apple peel and orange zest
*cubed ice, highball
*shake and strain


Vintage Tea Party

50ml VV
15ml lemon juice
20ml fig syrup (1:1)
50ml green tea
A small pinch of nutmeg
*garnish w. small printed out VV emblem, attached with mini peg
*tea cup and saucer
*shake and fine strain


More Cocktails

Just a hint

37.5ml VV
15ml White Port
75ml Apple juice
3 dashes Angostura Orange bitters
*garnish w. apple peel and orange zest
*cubed ice, highball
*shake and strain

Vintage Lion Heart

50ml Vintage Velvet
50ml plum liqueur
topped with English Sparkling
*shaken and strained

English Vintage

50ml Vintage Velvet
10ml Sacred English Vermouth
*martini glass, shaken
*black grape garnish

Vintage Velvet Door Knocker

50ml VV 10ml cointreau
10ml cinnamon syrup
2 bar spoons marmalade
egg white
*shake and strain into highball with ice
*top with a splash of lemonade
*glace cherry and orange garnish

Dirty Vintage

50 mlVintage Velvet
10ml Vermouth (Belsazar white)
*Sage garnish
*shaken, martini glass

Lavender Lion

10ml Vermouth
Lavender bitters
Shake and strain into chilled martini glass

Signature Velvet

50ml VV
20ml HoB cucumber syrup
20ml Lime juice
Shake and Serve

Cucumber garnish

My bloody Velvet

50Ml VV
20ml White Port
Tomato juice
Tobasco, lemon, celery salt,pepper, celery garnish

Please drink responsibly

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